75W Bactericidal recirculator with time relay

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Our Bactericidal recirculators combine the bactericidal action of UV-C ultraviolet radiation with the action of an activated carbon filter. The recirculator disinfects the room with increased efficiency due to the possibility of constant use, it is used in all types of rooms, as it is absolutely safe for humans.

The remote control allows you to turn on and adjust the power of the device with different modes.

We are able to purify the air that comes directly and return it to the environment without germs, viruses and bacteria.

The LBR bactericidal recirculator is a small and simple device that can be placed on a surface or hung (57×12. 5×12. 5 cm). it uses UV light and air to reduce the risk of infection with airborne pathogens. Nature has its own way of dealing with these microorganisms, allowing the power of solar ultraviolet light to destroy dangerous viruses and bacteria from the air. Our recyclers use the same principle in the room.

This is the only device that does not harm anyone and can be used with people entering the room where it is installed, thereby providing clean air, the recirculator is designed to purify the air in commercial, industrial, public spaces and work centers.


Country of originUkraine
power consumption80 W
number of lamps3 pcs
lamp power25 W
Timer availabilityno
Remote control availableyes
Housing materialMirror stainless steel
Throughput190 m3 / h


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